The Keys of the Kingdom (Part 2)

“He said quickly: ‘God judges us not only by what we believe … but by what we do.’” (p. 161)


In Easter 1892, Francis faces his first conflict in the San Morales. He leaves Seminary for the entire four days without permission. Then, the Committee of Examination demands an explanation about his leaving. However, Francis keeps saying that he just went for a walk and didn’t have any intention about it. He is not expelled eventually.

Francis Chisholm’s first curacy is in the Church of Redeemer, Shalesley. Shalesley is a colliery village and Father Kezer is the parish priest. A conflict arises between Francis and Father Kezer because they have different opposing point of view in dealing with the parishioners. When Francis has succeeded in approaching the parishioners, Father Kezer sends the Bishop a letter. Then, Francis is sent away to Tynecastle.

The parish priest in Tynecastle is Father Gerald Fitzgerald. There are also other curates, Father Mealey and Father Slukas. Francis is happy because he can be close to with his Aunt Polly. Here, Francis faces a conflict with Father Fitzgerald when they meet the phenomena of Mother Mary’s well. Their conflict settles by the time they find the truth about it. Few months later, Father Macnabb the Bishop comes. He talks to Francis and offers him a mission to China. Without any doubt, Francis accepts it.

The Keys of the Kingdom is a novel written by A.J. Cronin and it was published in 1941.


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