100 Posts at the End of 2016?

Is it possible? That question came to me this morning. Well, it is such a challenge for me who hasn’t been able to fulfill my own target of publishing 2 posts every week. Alas, what a challenging thing!

Then, I made a quick calculation in my imagination. There are 5 upcoming months that I have to complete my target. Because I’ve already had 57 posts (without this writing) up to today, I just have to publish 43 posts to reach 100 posts. So, I need to make about 10 posts each month since this August and it means 2-3 posts every week. Alright, I don’t have to make all as articles or fictions since I sometimes publish picture with phrase also.

Wait, wait… that calculation is actually almost the same with my routine target (posting twice a week). I’m hardly able to complete my routine weekly task, then how can I complete that new challenge? Alright, I think by posting this there will be other people who’ll remind me about the challenge. Hopefully …. Oh, and this one is my 58th post.

Ps.: Any comment or grammar correction is also welcomed.


Image from internet

Image from internet


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