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The Keys of the Kingdom (Part 1)

“Like a blade thrust into the warmth of his life came a dread, a shrinking from that word ‘religion,’ a chill bewilderment that men could hate each other for worshipping the same God with different words.” (p. 17)


Francis Chisholm is the only son of Alexander and Elizabeth Chisholm. His father is a fisherman and not a fanatic Catholic, while Elizabeth is a cook and a daughter of a preacher. They obviously have different social class and religion. When Francis is nine year old, he loses his parents at the same time in a tragedy. Then, he has to live with his grandparents from mother, the Glennies, who does not treat him well.

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Honesty comes from ‘honest’ which is “showing fairness and sincerity, and free from deceit”. Then, honesty is “the state or quality of being honest”. Moreover, honesty is “a being truthful, trustworthy, or upright”.

Again, these terms were noted from Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language (Second edition, 1983). I used them in my thesis for bachelor degree a very long time ago. Hopefully, this post can be beneficial for you who read it.


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Phrase of the Week


My favorite quotation from the novel I read years ago

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Unsent Letters

Dear You,

I don’t know why I write this to you, yes you … you who’re sleeping on the bed in that room. I mean, you and our child. Uh, should I just stop here? Coz I know I can hardly send this to you.

But I may need to write this right now … just to release the unnecessary words in my head. Hopefully, I get some sleep then. That’s just fine, right?

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Conflict not only means ‘sharp disagreement or opposition, as of interests or ideas’, but also means ’emotional disturbance resulting from a clash or impulses in a person’.

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Quotation of the Week

“No one in good faith can ever be lost. No one. Buddhists, Mohammedans, Taoists … the blackest cannibals who ever devoured a missionary …. If they are sincere, according to their own lights, they will be saved. That is the splendid mercy of God.”

Father Francis Chisholm, The Keys of the Kingdom

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Catatan: Mungkin suatu saat aku bisa menuliskan sesuatu yang lebih panjang.


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