Dazzling Dragonfly

“I’m dazzling!”

I proudly say that, though not in front of you.


Once upon a time, you said I was worthless.

At the same time you flew side by side with me.

All I said, “So leave then! Find your perfect mate!”

But, you kept flying there for some time.


Eventually, you left with few bubbling words.

You flew away, right to your shining sky.

Yes, you’re away… found a mate you’ve dreamt of.

Then, there you are, building a nest out of my reach.


No sorrow I felt, just a little regret.

Why couldn’t I leave before you then?

Such a useless and meaningless…

But that’s passing by my head without fairness.


Well, there’s no more painful memory.

I have brand new wings I earn, not a gift.

The sun and stars shine through me endlessly.

The sparkles are timeless to shift.


I’m still a dragonfly, not a beautiful butterfly.

My wings don’t change into miraculous ones.

But, they keep flying joyfully.

I try to embrace the light, not to miss it once.


Yes, I will always say it proudly,

“I’m a dazzling dragonfly, though not for you.”



Thank you for angles without wing


little bird

tough tree

Early morning of 13th December 2015

capung dan pagi

Foto: dok. pribadi






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