November, Not to Sober

Alas, it’s already December and I’m kind of late notice it. I start to think that I choose the wrong word because I miss my own objectives. Not good, Vee, not good indeed.

‘Sober’ can mean not drunk, rational, or sane. So, ‘to sober’ may mean to make or become sober (definition from the free dictionary). Alas, does it mean that I should be sane and rational? Well, logically it wouldn’t be difficult for me to determine my objective and complete it, would it? But, it seems that’s very opposite with the reality.

Yes, perhaps I have been very sane this November but that makes me ignore the words that pass me by over the month. That’s not the worst, yet. I even miss my own objective to finish the duet project on a novel. Owh, I feel very bad about this, no lie.

Actually I choose ‘not to sober’ for November plainly because of the rhyme. But it seems that I forget to strengthen my own determination. Um, what can I do now? November has passed, I can’t turn back the time surely. Regret? Maybe a little. Oh no, I may not lament it too long! Wake up, Vee! New days are waiting ahead. Yeah, I must back to my track.

Before setting new objectives, it’s better to reflect what I’ve done back in November. Who knows it will encourage me to move on. Alright then, I try to remember few things:

  • wrote some paragraphs in the duet novel,
  • uploaded new posts in my blog (though they’re just pict n prase),
  • got English transcription job (what an experience!),
  • took my son to a book warehouse (well, I am a mother, what can I say?),
  • completed to read some Korean drama synopsis (sorry but I’m addicted to it again).

Owh, apparently I’m just able to recall those. That’s okay. Let’s just write! Write whatever I want to write and whatever words coming across my head.



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